My Memories of Roorkee Days

VK Saluja

The victory of Sudhir Tyagi as general Secretary was celebrated in ES extension hall opposite To Govind Bhawan. Chitra Mukerjee sang ghazal of GHALIB “nuktechin hai gamedil…” Sudhir recited a poem “ae mere bhaiya pani doo, pani doo…..” and RC Goyal sung a song with closed eyes through out the performance.

I still remember the chatt wala behind the hospital where we used to have “aloo tikkiee” often in the night Niranjan Sinha, Khan, Pradeep Goyal,SR Gupta (Mechanical), Mahinra Aneja (Arch.). Sometimes Sudhir also used to join.

I do remember Ashok Nagrath appeared in swimming test in my place impersonating as VK Saluja as I did not know the swimming. When he came out of swimming pool some one called him by name of Nagarath and he had to run away.

Marker of club used to play songs as per entry in the register. we used to take dinner in the first shift and before going to mess we used to enter the list of old songs of Sehgal, CH Atma ,Rajjkumari. The group who used to take dinner in second shift have to listen these old songs.

Once RN Mishra met an accident while doing skating in ES Club as he struck against door panes.

In addition to slapping incident of our class, there was another case of slapping. Dean came to Govind Bhawan and asked the room of OP Srivastava Ttelecom) whose voice was like ladies. Dean went to his room and knocked at his door. The moment OP opened the door Dean gave a slap and went away without speaking a word. Later we came to know that OP used to call Yudhistra Singh a faculty in Maths as “Gadheswar” the nick name of faculty in his college days.

I do remember once Saxena or some one else put a notice outside the mess “MY PEN IS LOST. IF ANYBOBY HAS FOUND PL. RETURN” Some one joined the pen and is and put a small note “Pl. contact Room No….. Hostel No. 44”

Of course, we cannot forget the day when stabbing case took place near Kwality between SOHAL and JAGGA. I was in Picture Hall and an announcement was made that all the University students should leave hall and report to their Hostels. We all started walking to our Hostels silently .

While on tour to Bombay we were playing cards and KHAN got three ACES. But he lost his purse.