Indian Weddings

by Viren27. May 2013 22:27
Went to Chandigarh for 3 days to attend a wedding. The wedding was attended by 1500 guests. I counted there were 77 Sardars with colorful turbans. it was out doors in the evening in about 85F temperatures. I was asked to wear a suit. You can imagine the condition of my clothes. The I found a connect... [More]




by Viren23. May 2013 21:50
 I just finished a nice book based on the life of the nomads who are on the move all the time. The region in the story is the area in the common border cares between, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Biluchistan and Iran. The book starts with a description as follows: Lonely as all posts are, this one i... [More]


Latest Topogroup NCR Gettogether

by Viren21. May 2013 04:45
NCR Group meets at Arun Bahl's place [More]

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The US Thoroughbred Horse Racing

by Harsh19. May 2013 13:49
This post is about Kentucky Derby and related horse racing in USA. [More]

About my favorite Books and Authors

by Sunil18. May 2013 12:58
I have read quite a few books recently and will update them on the website. I discovered a new author: Chinua Achebe. He died in March2013 and I learned about him from his long obituary in the NY Times. He is Nigerian and writes about the Colonial and tribal experience when he was growing up. Nigeri... [More]

How to use this Blog

by Administrator18. May 2013 07:09
Basic instructions: Near the Top Right click "Log in" Enter your Username and Password (provided to you by Administrator) In the next screen, along with the recent posts, you will see an "Administration" Panel on the right Click "Posts" in it In the next screen, click  "+ Add New Post" -... [More]


First initial Post

by Administrator18. May 2013 06:41
Hello Topogroup Friends, Welcome to the Topogroup Blog. This will allow you to post any thoughts, ideas, opinions to the website. It is not necessary that everyone will see it. It is primarily a place in the Web to store and retrieve your thoughts. We have had a Feedback page for a wh... [More]


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