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by Sunil18. May 2013 12:58
I have read quite a few books recently and will update them on the website. I discovered a new author: Chinua Achebe. He died in March2013 and I learned about him from his long obituary in the NY Times. He is Nigerian and writes about the Colonial and tribal experience when he was growing up. Nigeria became independent when he was a young man and it also fell into a bloody civil war.  He was in the forefront of creating a Nigerian writing tradition and is as good as the best Indian writers. I am now reading his masterpiece, which was also is first book:Things Fall Apart published in 1956. Before this I read the last book he published before he died "There was my Country: a personal History of Biafra" His writing style is so easy to read and as an Indian it is interesting to compare the british colonial experience in Nigeria and India. Over the years I have sought to read books by well known authors from different countries who have either won or have been considered for literary prizes. Here are among my favorites: Japan: Haruki Murakami. "Kafka on the Shore"  Author is a possible Nobel Prize winner in the future. His imagination is boundless: he has cats and dogs talking to humans! A far out experience. This genre is called "magical realism' exemplifed by Gabriel Garcia Marques of Columbia and copied by Salman rushdie in Midnights Children. Egypt:Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mafouz. His Cairo trilogy tells in 3 books the saga of an Egyptian Family for three generations from around 1890 to 1960. I read these three books one summer that I had to spend in India (2005): Palace Walk. Palace Desire, and Sugar Street. Amazing reads. Too bad the story ended with the third book, I simply wanted it to continue. South Africa: Nobel prize winner 2003 Basil Coetzee. His book "Disgrace" is a beautifully written shocking story of Apartheid in South Africa. Turkey:2003 Nobel prize Winner Orhan Parmuk is one of my favorite authors and I have read perhaps 5 of his books. It was because of his writings about Istanbul that I spent about a week in that glorious city (second only to New York City!). Pick up any of his book for a real good read. But "My Name is Red" is probably a good place to start. Indian: Kiran Nagarkar is an under appreciated Author who writes both in English and Marathi. I have read two of his books: The Cuckold and God's Little Soldier. Both were masterpieces of the English language but God's Little Soldier is a thriller about a terrorist in the US. Both books are rather long, but if you love the English language you will delight in them. This guy deserves a literary prize. Spain:Carlos Ruiz Zafon--his book Shadow of the Wind will blow your mind. After reading it you will want to hop on the next plane to Barcelona which is exactly what I did!  This book you probably cant get in India but it should be available in most US libraries.

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