Sharing Photos via Google - Creating a Photo Album in Google

by Harsh22. February 2017 07:51
Prep Work I assume that the photos you want to share are from a trip and/or an event like a wedding or anniversary. I also assume that most of these photos have been taken with a standard camera (and may be some from your smart phone). Steps: ·       &nbs... [More]


A New Windows 8 Touch Screen Laptop

by Harsh17. June 2013 10:59
Over the Father’s Day Week End, I purchased a new Laptop. It is based on Windows 8 and has a touch screen. It is a slim, light-weight Ultrabook laptop. My previous laptop was a bulky HP laptop. It was pain to carry it around (to India for example). It cost me only $500 – for a 14-in scre... [More]

A Good Used Book Store in USA

by Harsh5. June 2013 05:46
I found a good used and rare book store in the US - Abe Books ( They offer Free Shipping also! I was looking for the book "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich". In, it was available for ~$23. Kindle edition was cheaper ~$8. My local library did not have the copy? So, I fo... [More]


The US Thoroughbred Horse Racing

by Harsh19. May 2013 13:49
This post is about Kentucky Derby and related horse racing in USA. [More]

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