by Viren8. February 2014 04:26
If you are in town and have a day to spare, hop into your car and get on the Delhi Chandigarh Highway have lunch at Roshan Da Dhaba. It would be a nice outing. [More]


Our Recent Travel Experience (India to New Jersey) by Lufthansa

by Viren4. October 2013 21:37
I was a nice crisp morning when we woke up early to catch a Lufthansa flight  from new Delhi to Newark changing planes in Munich. Upon checking in we were told the flight is 2 hours late and we would miss our connecting flight in Munich. We were given two choices, one go back home and... [More]

Our China Trip

by Viren1. October 2013 11:13
I did not even like Chinese. This feeling was based on what happened in the 60s when after calling HINDU CHEENI BHAI BHAI then invaded Indian Northern borders , occupied Indian territory and stabbed India in the back.   With this background, I did not want to Go to China. When the group of cl... [More]

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NCR Topogroup

by Viren18. June 2013 22:15
As planned The group met. I was a muggy day and no rain in sight. We had to keep the A/C on for comfort. All the members arrived. Sudhir and pratima were the first to arrive. Sudhir looked good. He walked under his own power. Pratima brought some of her handy work masterpieces to show to Neerja. Bot... [More]



by Viren13. June 2013 08:16
I saw a movie which has a 4 star rating in local movie houses. it is titled 'Yeh Jawani hai Diwani" As the name suggests, it is a Typical Bollywood Massala film. I did not expect much except some song and dance and some location filming. in this respect the movie was as expected. The reason for writ... [More]


Indian Weddings

by Viren27. May 2013 22:27
Went to Chandigarh for 3 days to attend a wedding. The wedding was attended by 1500 guests. I counted there were 77 Sardars with colorful turbans. it was out doors in the evening in about 85F temperatures. I was asked to wear a suit. You can imagine the condition of my clothes. The I found a connect... [More]




by Viren23. May 2013 21:50
 I just finished a nice book based on the life of the nomads who are on the move all the time. The region in the story is the area in the common border cares between, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Biluchistan and Iran. The book starts with a description as follows: Lonely as all posts are, this one i... [More]


Latest Topogroup NCR Gettogether

by Viren21. May 2013 04:45
NCR Group meets at Arun Bahl's place [More]

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