by Viren23. May 2013 21:50

 I just finished a nice book based on the life of the nomads who are on the move all the time. The region in the story is the area in the common border cares between, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Biluchistan and Iran. The book starts with a description as follows:

Lonely as all posts are, this one is particularly frightening. No habitation for miles around and no water other than a trickle among some salt -encrusted boulders which also dries out occasionally ,manifesting hostility

Nature has not remained content merely at this , in this land she has created a dreadid  bad-e-sad-o-bist-roz , the wind of of a hundred and twenty days. This wind rages almost continuouslyduring the four winter months, blowing clouds of alkali laden dustand so thick that men can barely breathe or open their eyes when they happen to get caught in it 

It was but natural that some men would lose their minds after too long an exposure to such desolation and lonelyness.

Imagine Nomads moving in such remote areas

Another dialog from the book: 

A man and woman of a tribe are travelling in resolate regions where they are attacked by members of another tribe,  Both are raped. When the man tells the woman that she has been corrupted; The woman says: I write from the memory

Women's body is made in such a way that men can violate it in a natural way, the way it was done. How about you, Your body was not made to be violated the way it was done in unnatural way. It is you who should be ashamed to let it happen. The man was stunned and had no answer.




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HarshUnited States
5/24/2013 5:46:51 AM #

I am happy that you were able to enter your first post in this Blog successfully. When I like something in a book, I also make a note of it and review it later. Thank you for sharing some nice excerpts from this book. It is a good use of the blog and I will follow your example.


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