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by Viren27. May 2013 22:27

Went to Chandigarh for 3 days to attend a wedding. The wedding was attended by 1500 guests. I counted there were 77 Sardars with colorful turbans. it was out doors in the evening in about 85F temperatures. I was asked to wear a suit. You can imagine the condition of my clothes. The I found a connecting hall which was air conditioned. OH!!! what a relief it was. It was a very elaborate upscale wedding. After counting 100 different food dishes, each with a theme, i lost the count. There were 50 plus deserts. All kind of beverages, including imported wine and chilled beer was free flowing. There was live instrumental melodious music. Which added to the ambiance. All the decoration was with fresh flowers. I quickly estimated, the parents must have spent at least $150 on this wedding.

This is an addendum. I forgot to include something unique that I noticed at this wedding. I saw at least 20 to 30 secret service agents look alike roaming around. They all were disguised like food attending supervisors with ear buds stuck in their ears and speaking into their collars. I later found out they were security personals, protecting the venue. After all at this grand affair, ladies of all ages were wearing diamond and pearls jwellary . Each valued at several thousand $$$. With so mant ladies it could add up to millions of $$. In retrospect, it made a lot of sense. Being a wedding in Punjab, it was  like a fashion show. You could see all colors and latest designer clothes on display. One lady caught my attention. She wore a colorful sarie with PALLU made of pearls. Her bare back blouse was covered with matching pearls. It was a treat

It was an affair to remember.



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