A New Windows 8 Touch Screen Laptop

by Harsh17. June 2013 10:59

Over the Father’s Day Week End, I purchased a new Laptop. It is based on Windows 8 and has a touch screen. It is a slim, light-weight Ultrabook laptop. My previous laptop was a bulky HP laptop. It was pain to carry it around (to India for example). It cost me only $500 – for a 14-in screen, 4GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, all necessary ports, but no built-in CD/DVD. It is made by ASUS.  I did buy an external DVD for loading software and burning DVD’s for only $40. Windows 8 and touch screen get some time to get used to, but it is really great. It is a big departure for Microsoft and a major upgrade. It is like having an iPad and a laptop all-in-one. I have ported all of my applications to it and will phase out my HP laptop soon. I added my Facebook account to it and all my Facebook albums are now visible quickly. I am enjoying it and will provide further update after using it a bit more.

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