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by Viren18. June 2013 22:15

As planned The group met. I was a muggy day and no rain in sight. We had to keep the A/C on for comfort. All the members arrived. Sudhir and pratima were the first to arrive. Sudhir looked good. He walked under his own power. Pratima brought some of her handy work masterpieces to show to Neerja. Both are  very much into creating new things. This time the collection of Pratima consisted of  knitted ladies tops which were so neat and beautiful Neerja showed her latest Quilt work which consisted of hundreds of intricately cut small pieces and then joined in to complete double size bed spread. She later shared it with the later arrivals which consisted of Arun, Rupam , OP and Uma. Whitw wine was unanimas  choice of the menfolks. Anticipating that, I had kept some Chenin Blank in the freezer. Ladies stuck to Sprite soda. The gup shup was followed by Chaat party. It consisted of Paani puri with delicious paani prepared with options od sweet or swee and sour taste. There were some flat papdies which were dipped in Yogurt and then sprinkled with special massala. What is a chaat party without Aalu Tikki. These were freshly prepared by the help which was on call that evening. The surprise  desert consisted of Leechi Kulfi. Most of us had double serving. The group dispersed around 10:30 after a marthon BS session. Sudhir and Op shared  a very funny one. It was about three sardars who climb 100 steps to get to their hotel.


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harsh Pande
harsh PandeUnited States
6/19/2013 10:30:32 AM #

Somehow my comment did not get saved. So I am entering it again. Looks like you guys had a nice get together. It is great you guys meet like this. We will join you in Gurgaon starting next year. I changed the background and font of your post due to some readability issues with original. Hope you don't mind. All is well here.


VirenUnited States
6/19/2013 10:01:01 PM #

I did not mean to have background coloring. tried to remove it but did not succeed. I did not want red color in the font, Please change it to blue, if possible. Thanks.


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