Our Recent Travel Experience (India to New Jersey) by Lufthansa

by Viren4. October 2013 21:37
I was a nice crisp morning when we woke up early to catch a Lufthansa flight  from new Delhi to Newark changing planes in Munich. Upon checking in we were told the flight is 2 hours late and we would miss our connecting flight in Munich. We were given two choices, one go back home and take the same flight the next day or fly to Munich and stay there overnight and take the connecting flight the next day. We opted to go to Munich. Well this was just the beginning of an eventful day.
The temperature in Munich was in the 80s and we were transferred to a best western Hotel in Munich by the airline. We got a room without air conditioning. Somehow we managed. The next day we boarded the plane from Munich to Newark. it was completely sold out. Neerja and Me, could not get a seat together. As luck would have it, I was assigned a window seat, next to a 450 pound bulk. He was comfortably parked in his seat, with the middle hand rest removed and half his bulk occupying my seat. He got up with great effort to let me   into my seat. I somehow squeezed myself into the tiny space  left on my seat . To mark my space and pushing the co passenger's bulk from my space, I lowered the middle hand rest with great difficulty.
My co passenger was sweating profusely at this point. I figured, "OH MY" this is going to be a long flight. I somehow managed to bear the stench without passing out. Then they served Wine and  I had three glasses of Red, to calm me down. Not being used to regular drinking, i felt good and fell sleep. First i tried to rest my head on the window, being on the window seat. Then my head started  bobbling and i hit the soft bulk of my neighbor. Bounced back like from a soft Dun lope pillow. Back and forth my head  kept bouncing  on the soft and cushy body of my neighbor , I went into deep sleep. When I woke up, I had an urge to go to the bathroom. It looked like an impossible as well impassable task without making my neighbor get up and let me out. I tapped on my neighbor's shoulder and requested to let me out. My pressure was building up. The man could not get up because his bulk was tightly fitted snug in his seat ans most of mine. I requested him to move the middle hand rest out of the way. As luck would have it, the hand rest got stuck( and would not budge and the man could not move. I could not hold any longer, so i pressed the call button on the overhead. The flight attendant reviewed the problem and shook her head. She went to the captain, who asked for volunteers to pull the man out of his seat. A few body builders From the Bulgarian wrestling team were on the same flight. it took four of then to get the man out of his seat and let me go to the bathroom.

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UmeshUnited States
10/5/2013 6:20:29 PM #

Viren, thank god for the Bulgarian wrestling team otherwise, who knows, you may still be in the same plane!  In future, always take the isle seat; this is what I do.  


UmeshUnited States
10/5/2013 7:13:01 PM #

Sorry, my mistake!  Unfortunately, you did not have a choice.  


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