by Viren8. February 2014 04:26

Parota wali gali is famous in Delhi area. It is nothing compare to the Parota wala highway we visited yesterday. Let me not keep you in suspense, this highway section is part of Dehli Chandigarh expressway. It took us three hours from Gurgaon to reach there and under two hours to get back. The difference was due to taking the wrong approach road from Delhi to the freeway. There was so much hype about this place that we had high expectations about this place. As is the case most of the time, if you build up your hopes very high, you are disappointed with the end result. I must confess, this was proven wrong. The place is out of this world(or out of Gurgaon at least). The name of the place is Gulsan DA Dhaba. it is any thing but. It is in the Sonipat area of the freeway, on the left side while travelling to Chandigarh. After a three hour drive from Gurgaon it was time to use the rest rooms. During my travels in India, i have never seen such clean odorless here were three attendants servicing the rest room. Constantly scrubbing and washing after every use. I was so impressed with the simple, but clean facility that I decided to take a self guided tourof the establishment. They had a chaat counter which had two type of paani poories, aalu tikkis, rus malai and freshly prepared Jalabees. The jalabees , looked very different than the ones we are used to in our town. These were small with very thin tubinng which hold the syrup. because the tubing is thin they were very crisp. Looked very appetizing and we ordered them at the end of our meal. Wow what a treat. very sweet, crisp and delicious. Inline image 1Inline image 3 The main attraction was tandoori parotha. We ordered, Aalu piaz, Mooli and Gobhi parothas. The parothas were served with yogurt, pickle, and fresh butter. The parothas were cooked in tandoor with zero oil and could be enjoyed without any accompaniment. But, as recommended, we spread fresh home made butter on parothas, the whole thing melted in our mouth and we were in seventh heaven. I for one washed the parothas down with a glass of sweet lassi. We were told , Sonipat area produces the most milk in the haryana, punjab region. The milk is produced in abundance and is 100% pure with no adulteration. This was evident from the freshness of the yogurt and lassi. We had one and a half parotas each and were satisfied. On the drive back, we did not even feel stuffed up. Just satisfied and happy.


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