Visit to Kashmir Valley - by Ramesh Bhushan

by Ramesh5. May 2014 02:21

Recently we(My self and Usha) had a chance to Visit Kashmir Valley.The visit was wonderful.We left by air on 21-04-2014 and returned by air on 25-04-2014.We took different flights.I had a plan to go by train to Udhampur from Delhi.Then by road to Banihal.From Banihal to Baramula by train and join Usha there for rest of sojourn.It did not materialise.I was strongly dissuaded for reasons not so difficult to guess.We stayed in Gingle and Srinagar.The local journey was by car.We visited URI-I,URI-II,Kishen Ganga hydro power projects.

We had a chance to go to Kaman Post on Srinagar Muzzafrabad road(NH1A)We went right up to Friendship Bridge on river Jhelum which connects India on one side and POK on the other.In Srinagar we went to tulip garden and Shankracharya temple on a hill having about 300 steps.I picked up a Quran in Hindi and one in English being distributed free by some one near Chashma Shahi next to Tulip Garden.I asked him a question based on what I saw near Kaman Post on Friendship Bridge across Jhelum.On our side there is a big board erected saying Mazhab Nahin Sikhata Apas Mein Baer Rakhna and as usual there are four signs-Temple,Mosque,Gurudwara,Church.On the other side there is an equally big board declaring Pakistan se Rishta Kiya La e la il ill-ah.He looked blankly at me and we moved on.I am still wondering about it.

We went to Gulmarg also from Srinagar.There we had ride in GONDOLA up to ist stage at MSL 14000 feet.We were advised not to go beyond to a higher altitude because of our age.We are now both +70.We had experience of troubled nature of state while travelling from Gingle to Srinagar at Baramulla.But it passed off peacefully however I could not perform train journey from Baramulla to Banihal and back to Srinagar as I missed my train at Baramula by five minutes because of stoppage on road in the city for about 45 minutes.It was not traffic jam but was trouble hinted earlier.I tried to catch the train at next stations as I was travelling in car but was not successful.So I returned and via Sopore joined others.It proved to be a blessing in disguise.

I was able go round lake Wular and see Kishen Ganga project site and return to Srinagar travelling on the other side of Wular lake.I noticed that all state sign boards are in URDU and English.Hindi is visible only in Central signboards.In Delhi sign boards have four languages.Urdu,English,Hindi, Punjabi.What a waste of Public Money?I felt much more comfortable in IRAN than here,There is an uneasy calm all around.Although we came across many tourists. Missing of day train journey here is quite a hint.In Teheran I had a train journey in the night from Isfahan to Tehran.During both the visits we had some 'bandobast' on our side.In Iran I was in touch with Indian Embassy and had gone for some ITU related activity.There I had gone alone.Here also were in touch with local central authorities.I had also worked in J&K long back for about two years(1969-1970).Even that connection came to our rescue at Gulmarg.

With love and good wishes from Usha and Ramesh

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