Sharing Photos via Google - Creating a Photo Album in Google

by Harsh22. February 2017 07:51

Prep Work

I assume that the photos you want to share are from a trip and/or an event like a wedding or anniversary. I also assume that most of these photos have been taken with a standard camera (and may be some from your smart phone).


·         Copy (download) all photos to your laptop in the “Pictures” folder and a sub-folder named appropriately. I usually name the sub-folder as yyyy_mm_some text (i.e. 2016_09_Paris Photos).

·         Clean them up. Eliminate duplicates, bad quality photos and redundant photos. The main goal is that the photos should tell a story.

·         At this point it does not matter that you have 100 photos or 500 photos. The first goal is to have a full, raw set of all photos for your own personal use for this particular event.

·         The next step is to decide which ones are worth sharing with your friends and family. I don’t think anyone likes to see 500 photos of others. So, you have to take some time to “select” photos worth sharing with others. It is really a personal choice. I like to limit the number of photos to share at one time to about 100. But a good number may be 30 or 40 or 50.

·         In  any event, now you should make another sub-folder under the folder that we have been working in. using my naming example given above, you can name this folder as “2016_09_Paris Photos-Sharing”.

·         Once you have created this sub-folder with say 30-40 photos, it is easier to work with rather than working with the main folder that may contain 400-500 photos.

·         You can further review this “sharing” folder and add-remove from to it. When you are satisfied with it then you are ready to share.

Creating a new Album in Google

1.       The previously known Picasa application is now called “Google Photos”.

2.       We will make a new Album in our Google account.

3.       Open Chrome.

4.       On the top right, you will see an icon with six dots (next to Gmail, Images). Click on it to expand it. You will see a new set of icons. Click on the “Photos” icon on the bottom right of this icon set.

5.       A new window will open to show your existing Google photos.

6.       At this point our goal is to make a new Album on Google Photos for our sharing photos folder. If we can do this, then we will upload our sharing photos to this folder and tell Google to share it and we will be done. However, here we come up with a small procedural problem – there is no link/command to make a “New Album”.

7.       There is a way to solve it.

8.       Click “UPLOAD” near top right.

9.       It will open your “Pictures” folder. Navigate to your sharing folder. Select only one (the first photo you want in this album) and upload it. Upload will start and you will see a small window “1 Item Uploaded”. Below the photo, click the link “ADD TO ALBUM” and then select “New Album”.

10.   In the next window, change “Untitled” to your desired name. Click the Chekmark  (Done) top left.

11.   Hover mouse over the first icon on top right (it would say “Add Photos”) and click on it. Then click on “SELECT FROM COMPUTER”.

12.   Now select all remaining photos from the “sharing” folder (except the first one that was uploaded previously).

13.   Upload will start. A small window shows the progress/status.

14.   When done you will see a message “xx item uploaded”. Ignore the message “Try Desktop Uploader….”.  Click “x”.

15.   Now the new album and its photos are visible.

SS  Sharing

16.   Hover mouse over the icons on top right and click on “share” icon.

17.   At the bottom of next window, click “Get Link” and then click “COPY”

18.   The link to share is now available (it is stored on scratchpad)

19.   Send a mail to yourself pasting this link (Control + V in the message body).

Now you can send this link to anyone in other emails. This is how you share photos in Google!

Prepared by:

Harsh Pande, Webmaster,
Phone: +91 993-640-1162
Lucknow, India


December 5, 2016


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