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Topo Group Charter:

  1. Topo Group is an assembly of classmates who graduated from The University of Roorkee (UOR) in November 1964. The initial membership was limited to the students of Electrical and Telecommunications branches. There was a common bond between Electrical and Telecommunications students mainly due to the fact that most of the classes were common to both specialties including Tutorials. Except for the final year of studies, it was hard to differentiate between the two engineering disciplines.
  2. The membership was later opened to all graduates of University of Roorkee, class of November 1964 as many of us had good friendships regardless of our branch.
  3. Topo is abbreviation for the word Topography which means " the art of showing in detail a map or chart the physical features of a place or region ". In our student days the map or chart was the complicated Geometric Drawings, Electro Magnetic Theory or the Tutorial work that must be completed and submitted on time. All this was done in a brotherly manner with very close cooperation. It was due to this cooperation that all of us were able to clearly understand the complexities of Electrical/TC engineering and graduated with flying colors. " OH!!! Really!!'”. Some one may question the accuracy of this statement. But none the less, we all became the member of the " Topo Group". Our definition of the Topo Group is friend helping friend , staying in touch and have fun in the process.
  4. Topo Groups’s moto is “Topo Bina Na Kimapi Sadhyam”. It means "nothing is possible without topoing".
  5. Topo Group is completely non legal entity and open to all to join who qualify as defined in the article 1 and 2 of the charter." Class of November 64 - all branches". The name TOPO GROUP was promoted by some members and the name recognition caught on due to noble cause it represents.
  6. Joining the Topo Group is completely voluntary and there are no rules or by-laws. However, there is a process to be followed to become a member. Any one may join any time and leave any time at wish. You simply have to qualify to join. Click here to check the Membership Process.
  7. The Topo Group has no financial budget and no office bearers. All of the work involved is by volunteering your time and earnest desire to stay in touch with each other.
  9. Topo Group is a fun group, let us keep it simple without any financial involvement or any legal entity on part of anyone.
  10. This initial charter may be changed any time based on input from the members.

(Adopted from the original document created by Viren Goyal in October 2002)