1961 Entrants Diamond jubilee Apr-May 2022 - main page

NOTE: This event normally would have been in 2021. But due to Corona situation it is being held in 2022.

Event dates: Apr 30 - May 1, 2022
Location: Former UOR Campus, Roorkee

Some Important Information about this Diamond Jubilee Event:

Program Schedule Photos: Dinner & Entertainment at Centrum Hotel Photos: General Photos during various events
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Organizing Comittee at this time:

Some members of the graduating Class who are volunteering their help in organizing this event:
Contact Branch Phone Email
Anant Kumar Pant Electrical (EE) 730-053-8163 anant.abha@gmail.com
Mahipal Jain EE 935-097-0475 mpjiitr@gmail.com
RC Goyal Telecom (TC) 986-946-3964 rcgoyal@gmail.com
Harsh Vardhan Pande EE 993-640-1162 HarshPande1@gmail.com
Sita Ram Agarwal EE 996-803-0373 srasantosh@yahoo.co.in
Jitendra Goel TC 880-079-3575 Jitendra.Goel@gmail.co
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